Maps of City and BodyMaps of City & Body: Shedding Light on the Performances of Denise Uyehara (Kaya Press)

Testimonial PlaysThe Methuen Drama Anthology of Testimonial Plays (Bloomsbury)

Bibliography of Authored Works, Articles, Reviews, Anthologies

Alexander Street Press (online collections) includes full-length plays Jo and Millie Go to Church, Hiro, and Hobbies.

The Third Level, Where Kathakali and Performance Art Meet: A conversation between APPEX 2000 artists Denise Uyehara and Ettumanoor Parameswaran Kannan.  Narrative/Performance: Cross-Cultural Encounters at APPEX.  The Regents of the University of California, 2004.  Reprinted in Ascendance.  Catalogue.  18th Street Arts Complex, Santa Monica, 2002, and Asian Pacific Performance Exchange publication, 2004.

Chasing Airplanes. The Asian Pacific American Journal.  New York: Asian American Writers’ Workshop, 1996.  5.2: 132-140.

Headless Turtleneck Relatives (excerpt). Getting Your Solo Act Together. by Michael Kerns Heinemann: Portsmouth, NH, 1997.  75-79.

Hello (Sex) Kitty. O Solo Homo: New Queer Performance. eds. Holly Hughes and David Román. New York: Grove Press, 1998. 375-409.

Hiro. Asian American Drama: 9 Plays from the Multiethnic Landscape. ed. Brian Nelson. New York: Applause, 1997. 385-474.

Lost & Found – mixed media installation, 5′ x 3′ x 2 1/2′.  Collaboration with Lee Ann Goya, Veronica Ko, Jeff Tsuyoshi Matsuda, and John Song.  Catalogue Kimchi Xtravaganza!  Los Angeles: Korean American Museum, 1997. 49, illus. 52.

Lost & Found: The Hidden Community of Seekers and Finders, in “Mobile Zones – City Space in Globalised Culture” MuuMedia Festival. Catalogue.  Helsinki, Finland: AV-arkki, 1998.  82.  Festival Directors Tiina Erkintalo, Pekka Kantonen, curator Heidi Tikka. Mobile Zones residency program conceived and developed by Irmeli Kokko, curated by Heidi Tikka.


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