Courses and Workshops

Available Courses (college level)
Courses often offered through the following departments: Theater, Performance Studies, New Genre and Visual Arts, Film, Video and Media Studies, Asian American Studies, Ethnic and Border Studies, Women and Gender Studies.  Course examples:

Intermedia Performance: Performing Borders and Liminal Spaces
An introduction to interdisciplinary performance. Course locates dangerous, questioning and precarious spaces in identity, memory and contemporary society.

The Body, Moving Image and Narrative
Examining contemporary narratives in film, video and performance, locating the body as a central site for discourse. Close readings, theory and writing.

Narratives on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Students conduct close readings of works that move beyond the typical memoir or “identity story.”  Exploring poetry and narrative.

Memory and the Occupied Body:
Individual and collective narrative, gender and the post-colonial body

Investigating the personal narrative embedded in the body; interdisciplinary studio and theory course.

Artists as Writers: Reading, Interpreting and Writing About Your Work & the Work of Others
Studying the works of contemporary visual artists, writers and filmmakers; finding language to articulate group and individual projects on the page and in class.  Includes grant proposal writing.

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