The Senkotsu (Mis)translation Project (Highways Performance Space 2009, Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery/COLA Awards 2006) is an interactive interdisciplinary performance installation that explores the entangled history of Okinawa and the U.S. military which has had a presence on these southern-most islands of Japan since World War II. It evokes the battle of Okinawa in which one-third of the local population perished, the later occupation of the islands by the U.S. military, and ethnic/national identity in these times of globalization.The audience is invited to play a series of “bone” and “egg” and “mistranslation” games. They take care of a bone and walk with it throughout the space, burying it in shells, washing it in video projection light, speaking messages to it through a (Mis)translation machine. The games are themselves a bastardized version of the traditional Okinawan bone-washing burial ritual senkotsu. The ensemble will also give voice to local Okinawan Americans who offer up stories of war, occupation and connection to a distant homeland.

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