Reimagining Education

December 1, 2020

As an artist and mom, trying to negotiate kids in school, the current state of the world, and my work, I’m honored to be part of this panel hosted by Pangea World Theater. This is a series of conversations with educators, students and families who are actively reimagining education through arts and social justice–as a community and a society. Free, but you have to register here.

This panel will features artist-parents, teachers and students:

  • Juma B. Essie – playwright, performance artist, video maker; parent
  • Sir Curtis Kirby III – Program Manager and Theater Director, Ikidowin Youth Theater Ensemble, Indigenous Peoples’ Task Force
  • Kiyoko McCrae – multidiscipline artist, producer & consultant; parent
  • Denise Uyehara – interdisciplinary performance artist, writer and playwright; parent

Being in a distance-learning environment has made way for new discoveries, new ways of working and different strategies for connecting to each other amidst the various challenges. Addressing questions like: how are we staying connected? How are we centering social justice? How can art allow us to engage meaningfully with one another?

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