Big Mountain Training CampAs part of our research for the Shooting Columbus Collective, Klee Benally and Marie Gladue (Diné) invited Rachel Bowditch and I to attend the Big Mountain Spring Training Camp.  More than 80 people attended, including Diné elders and community leaders, and allies from the Black Mesa Indigenous Support and many others.  We learned about the ongoing resistance movement there by Diné and Hopi and activists.

“What we are trying to save—the Female Mountain—is alive,” says Marie Gladue, Big Mountain Relocation Resister.   “She is alive, she has blood flowing through her veins, which is the Navajo Aquifer, and the coal they are digging is Her liver. They are destroying Her.”

More here on our project, The Indigenous Cycles and the Collective.



Research at the Black Mesa Training Camp | 2015 | Notebook