Thank you everybody:  we’ve had over 100 submissions to this contest!   Last day to submit is Thursday, Feb. 16, 5pm PST.  At the Archipelago performance I’ll READ the TOP TEN ORIGIN MYTHS OUT LOUD from an ancient compendium in the prologue for our show, and I’ll PERFORM the WINNING PROPHECY for 2012 during the show!  Archipelago premieres on FEB. 17 AND 18, 8:30pm, at HIGHWAYS PERFORMANCE SPACE.

(image by Adam Cooper-Teran)

Some highlights:

In 2012 there will be an explosion of mixed-race babies and rivals the post-9/11 baby boom.
– Geo

My prediction is that the world will not end, but that it will be restarted anew.  I don’t think the Maya calendar predicted the end of the world, but the beginning of a new cycle.

– Jennifer Reynolds-Kaye

Prophecy for 2012:  That people will learn from each other, grow, give, receive, and give back through compassion, love, and communication.

– Lee Ann Goya
Origin Myth:
The Rana said to the arrivals in his kingdom in western India. Go back we have no space here. You cannot remain. Their emissary asked for a glass of milk filled to the brim. Then he asked for sugar. Gently he added more and more sugar into the milk and it dissolved.  And the emissary said to the Rana let us stay and we will be the sugar in your milk.  So we stayed.

Prophecy: We will become invisible everywhere outside our ancestral home (Pars in Iran) from which we will disappear.
– Asha Coorlawala

Prophecy:  and things shall get lost in 2012…

– Marcel Schaap


Origin Myth:

before the war
[after Lawson Fusao Inada]

there was no me before the war
my people’s faces were not even a dream before the war

before the war, we had no ancestors
to imagine us into being

before the war
we didn’t exist
the war made us, shaped us like figurines
out of the mud of battlefields
out of blood spilled by enemies in enmity
out of bloods mingled in the mud

before the war
there was no me
the war was always there with us
my mother and my father were
forever in the war
they battled
over the halves of me like
starving soldiers over rations

I am not a territory

my body is a landmine
and I am always exploding

– submitted by Wei Ming Dariotis, PhD, originally published in 580 Split, Issue 12.

Origin Myth: According to legend, the first Vietnamese descended from the dragon lord Lạc Long Quân and the female heavenly angel Âu Cơ. They married and had one hundred eggs, from which hatched one hundred children. Their eldest son Hùng Vương ruled as the first Vietnamese king.

– Erin O’Brien


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