Sacred Naked Nature Girls (1993 – 1997)

Denise is one of five founding members of Sacred Naked Nature Girls, a culturally diverse experimental performance collective that toured with critical acclaim from 1993-1997. Founding members are: Danielle Brazell, Laura Meyers, Aikila Oliver, Bella Hui, and Denise Uyehara. SNNG’s work includes “Untitled Flesh” (’93), “The Last Place I Ran To Just About Killed meHome” (’96) and “The Party” (’97), the latter two pieces receiving commissions from the Flintridge Foundation. The Party was directed by Elia Arce. The ensemble has been presented at the Institute for Contemporary Art in London, Highways Performance Space, Kate’s Studio in Colorado, Sushi in San Diego, Luna Sea in San Francisco, The Echo in Portland, and Randolph Street in Chicago. Their work has been covered in Bomb Magazine (Coco Fusco, Summer ’95) , Theater Forum (Meiling Cheng), Drama Review (Meiling Cheng, Summer ’98), and in the book, “The Other Los Angeles”, by Meiling Cheng (2002, California Press).

Photo credit: Jerry Browning

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