Hello (Sex) Kitty: Mad Asian Bitch on Wheels

Uyehara tells it like it is through the Vegetable Girl, Mad Kabuki Woman, Asian Queer/Bi Girl, an Asian Guy, “that Asian male/female thang”, ‘The Joy Fucked Up Club, exciting all the genders to laugh, talk and respect one other.  She examines love, violence and respect among men and women, HIV/AIDS, women loving women. Premiered in 1994 at the Institute for Contemporary Art in London, and toured nationally at venues including the Painted Bride, PA, the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, Northwestern University, the excerpts at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Hairou, China.

Hello (Sex) Kitty: Mad Asian Bitch on Wheels (1995) | 1995 | Noteable, Performances and Activities, Projects (selected)